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              OUR SERVICES

              Powa Brands manufactures Nutritional Instant Porridges and related Products under the brand name of Powa Powa and Jazia Meals. We also manufacture for companies under their own brand names or as requested.

              We have our own laboratory which is well equipped to manufacture (blend) your own Vitamin and Mineral Pre mixes according to your specifications for the Food and Nutritional Industry, as well as the expertise to assist in the formulation of products.

              Powa Brands has offices in Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam and South Africa, Polokwane and is a registered export company to all SADC countries and beyond.

              We are a nutritional company that is open for business and enjoys challenges. We also assist successful tenderers in production and delivery of specific food items.

              Powa Brands participates in the HACCP (SANS 10330) and ISO (9001:2007) accredited programs.

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